iKnowMed Generation 2 by McKesson Specialty

  • Oncology

iKnowMed is a robust and interoperable EHR system for oncology clinics that helps enhance cancer treatment quality and efficiency across all care environments. iKnowMed was created primarily to promote and improve the implementation of high-quality, evidence-based cancer care and its documentation. The comprehensive EHR is a vital tool that enables oncology practices to succeed and has been recognized by Black Book™ Research as the top-ranked EHR platform for oncologists & hematologists for the eighth consecutive year.

What are the key solutions offered by McKesson’s iKnowMed?

iKnowMed is a robust and interoperable EHR solution for oncology clinics that aids in the improvement of cancer treatment quality and efficiency across all care settings. Oncologists can record treatment results, keep track of cancer stages, and manage treatment recommendations with features built specifically for cancer care. Additionally, it makes it simple for practitioners to navigate chart information, record patient interactions, and decrease errors frequently found in paper records. Secure mobile access is yet another feature by iKnowMed Generation 2 that enables doctors to keep a close eye on patient records while on the move without violating HIPAA compliance.

Who can use iKnowMed?

iKnowMed platform includes tools like chemotherapy order management, exclusively for healthcare professionals who treat cancer patients, and is suitable for both solo and large oncology practices. iKnowMed is a web-based EHR platform that provides integrated solutions for community-based clinics to oncologists. By utilizing this technology, oncologists in large hospital settings can work more efficiently and provide better patient care.

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