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2 reviews
MedicalRecords.com Rating 2.5
2 reviews

Kareo is a web-based medical billing and practice management solution used by medical practitioners and physicians across the United States. The system suits small practices and billing companies. With Kareo, practices can schedule patients, confirm insurance, manage delinquent accounts and the collections process, store patient documents, develop customized reports and more.

Kareo helps practices manage the complications involved in insurance billing. Medical staff can enter patient data and verify their insurance claims immediately. Kareo also provides a schedule and appointment reminder that helps practitioners schedule appointments with their patients and send appointment reminders to reduce no-shows. The built-in messaging feature allows practices to communicate with their billers, patients and employees. Other features include billing analytics, advanced claim processing, document management and agenda planner.

Kareo is ICD-10 compliant medical solution used across a wide variety of medical specialties, including mental health, family medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, chiropractic, podiatry and more

  • Multi-Specialty
Practice Sizes
  • 1 - 100+ Physicians

Take the worries out of adopting an EHR with Kareo. This free, full-featured EHR was designed by a practicing physician to fit the way you think and work. Built for the iPad and the Web, it gives you great flexibility and the freedom to stay connected with your patient during an exam.

With a powerful knowledge base to draw from, integration with third parties for prescription and lab orders, and intuitive note-taking capabilities, it actually can help you improve patient care.

Mobile by design

Kareo EHR makes it easy to get out from behind the computer and engage with your patients. It works beautifully on an iPad or iPad mini (which fits perfectly in your coat pocket, by the way). And because it was designed to be mobile from the get-go, everything is intuitive with simple, tap and swipe, pick lists, templates and even voice recognition built in. Plus, you can transition seamlessly between the mobile and web versions so you can work efficiently when and where you want.

Intelligent and intuitive

Building notes and managing patient interactions is easy with Kareo EHR. You always have one-click access to the patient chart with medication, allergy alerts and problem lists clearly in view. We’ve included shortcuts for 120 of the top primary care conditions, templates you can customize for your own practice. Plus, it’s built on industry-leading knowledge bases by Epocrates ® and others to ensure you have fast access to clinical information you can trust. Having something designed by a doctor for doctors makes a difference.

No really, it’s free.

There are no strings attached, no ads included, and no worries of your information being sold to third parties. Kareo just want to show you what this system can do for your practice on the clinical side so you might consider Kareo Practice Management or Kareo Billing Service in the future.

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MedicalRecords.com Rating 2.5
(2 reviews)

Patrick Duncan

Kareo is a good software, a good innovation. Multiple functions come together make things simpler. But it is also limited and need further development. Such as more filters and sorting functions (like the most recent payment date, only show patient who only received one statement...) to make patients into smaller categories when user searching.

dudadu yan

Use it for years, and having troubles with a lot of things.Lately unable to print out forms for "proof of timely filling" for weeks. Contacted with them for many times, but never been fixed. Definitely not recommended.

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