Kaulkin Information Systems- Kloudtrack

Practice Sizes:

1 - 100+ Physicians

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TrackHealth is a specialized version of the company’s KloudTrack SaaS Cloud computing workflow, data/document management, compliance and risk mitigation
platform. KloudTrack TrackHealth allows patients, practitioners, office managers/staff, administrators, specialists and other medical stakeholders to more actively share data and monitor critical decisions and related electronic health records (EHRs) at all stages of a patient’s care.

TrackHealth often works side-by-side with existing practice management technologies as there is typically little need to completely replace current IT systems. Instead, practitioners keep suitable assets in place while using TrackHealth and the KIS TrackBatch module to interact with and extend IT capabilities into new areas of transparency, records access and data/process management. This concept is part of an initiative KIS has branded as EHR Your Way™ and emphasizes the ability to tailor TrackHealth to the way practitioners already operate.



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