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MedEvolve Practice Management is a software solution for small to midsize speciality physician practices. It offers workflow management tools, patient scheduling and enrollment and referral tracking. On-premise and cloud-based deployments are available.

The scheduling workflow module allows users to schedule patients based on provider, resource or location. Office staff can find open options for patients, confirm referrals based on insurance and temporarily register a new patient over the phone. Other capabilities include single-screen schedule management for all resources and locations, blocking and rescheduling to help resolve provider conflicts and first-­available appointment scheduling.

Specialty­-specific eligibility screening helps with patient processing, and eligibility verification can be completed individually or in batches. Document management features include appointment notes, customized forms, importing lab results and searchable patient charts. Patient charts can be updated by multiple users concurrently and e-signature features are also included.

Pricing is per month plus implementation costs.

  • Multi-Specialty
Practice Sizes
  • 1 - 100+ Physicians
  • Dragon

MedEvolve EHR focuses on two distinct sets of physician practice environments, High Productivity and Robust Medical Content. MedEvolve aligns its implementation approach to the practice’s philosophy on rendering patient care.

For a High Productivity environment, MedEvolve EHR is implemented with an emphasis on minimizing data entry and physician distraction. When enabled with touch screens, the physician need never touch a keyboard nor lug a tablet about. With proper implementation, the physician should spend no more time recording health data into the EHR than was previously spent completing paper encounter forms.

For a Robust Medical Content environment, MedEvolve EHR is implemented with emphasis on recording a broader, more comprehensive set of health data reflecting individual physician approaches for taking histories, counseling patients, diagnosing and prescribing treatment plans. MedEvolve EHR has complete plans for ophthalmic practices and continues developing content for other medical specialties.

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(6 reviews)

Lori Christianson

MedEvolve always provides our office with outstanding customer service. They are always quick to respond and help by teaching me how to do things and not just doing them for me, I love that part of their customer service.

Amy Burgett

I have had nothing but positive interaction with your team! I cannot say enough about the MedEvolve team on a personal level!! Great job 🙂

Jackie Lomosi

I love the fact that I can communicate via email, and still get my issue resolved in a timely manner. Service reps are extremely courteous too!

Maureen Sanchez

I have never heard of med evolve because they are back end. If I had the reason to do business with them, I wouldn't. Unfortunately, some provider of medical services DID choose them and MY information was released publicly. No, no, no, no, no. No, I would not recommend them. Irresponsible. Inexcusable. held liable to the consumers they exposed via class action for pain and suffering.

Dan colbeth

This company revealed my personal data through an unsecure FTP. Needless to say that this egregious lack of intelligence should speak volumes for how this company is operated and the quality of the products. I would not contract with this business if I were a half intelligent human being.

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