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Medical Practice Solutions for Medicine electronic health record software allows Medical Offices/Clinics to generate records that are stored and distributed electronically, rather than on paper. Physicians are able to create reports quickly and easily that are and easily distributed to other physicians for immediate review and better implementation of patient care. This is accomplished by utilization of a user interface that is intuitive, one that allows physicians to dictate their reports much as they have in the past — only directly into their computer thereby eliminating transcription needs. Patient demographics and history will be imported from intake personnel and templates and macros will be used to dramatically reduce the amount of time necessary to construct a medical record. Our system includes a database that uses ODBC (and is an architecture that seamlessly interfaces with almost all other database systems.) The database can be utilized to extract information for clinical outcomes and quality assurance issues. This type of database-oriented electronic medical record system easily enhances clinical trials.

By combining a solid voice electronic health record system, with a versatile database, we have leapfrogged ahead of the present industry standards that focus on integration of word processor utilities into office environments.

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Rick Williams

Top notch company offering voice recording, speech and dictation solutions.

Craig Waugh

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