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Working in conjunction with clinicians, MedSym developed a CPOE system unique to the cancer setting, called HemOncProEHR CPOE. This CPOE system for oncology eliminates the scenario where a harmful drug error can occur because of incorrect reading of handwriting or incorrect calculation of dosage.

HemOncProEHR CPOE provides physicians with a menu of medication protocols from regimens that are specifically created by physicians, pharmacists and nurses: complete with default doses and a range of potential doses for each medication. It also ensures that all drug orders are legible and can display patient-specific, relevant laboratory results on the screen at the time of ordering. It can also check for drug-allergy contradictions and drug-drug interactions. HemOncProEHR also flags drug allergies, drug-drug interactions, or drug-disease interactions when medications are ordered, thus assisting clinicians in making the most appropriate clinical decisions at the point of care.

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