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About PointClickCare EHR

PointClickCare EHR is the most widely-used EHR platform for long-term care.

What makes PointClickCare unique?

PointClickCare is adding more customers per month than any other vendor on the market. That’s because our web-based solutions are uniquely designed to help long-term care providers of all sizes manage the complete lifecycle of resident care. From pre-admission to discharge, our integrated approach to EHR streamlines clinical, MDS, billing, and administrative processes with maintenance-free software that is as robust as it is easy to use.

Our web-based solutions help long-term care providers, from single-home independents to national chains, manage the complete lifecycle of resident care with proven solutions that are robust yet extremely easy to use. From pre-admission to discharge, our integrated approach to EHR streamlines and connects clinical, billing, and administration processes to maximize reimbursements, enhance quality of care, improve operational efficiencies, increase staff productivity and satisfaction, and reduce risk to your business.

In many industries, including long-term care, mobility is changing the way services are being delivered. The recent introduction of new handheld devices, such as the Apple® iPad™, gives care workers the freedom and flexibility to conduct assessments and capture real-time resident information directly to their EHR system - regardless of where they are. Staff can freely move about the facility, no longer tethered to a desktop computer or having to duplicate efforts with paper transcriptions. This shift not only results in a more efficient way to deliver care, but a marked improvement in the quality of care being delivered.

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