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For nearly two decades, Sigmund Software has had the opportunity to create individualized Software Solutions for many diverse organizations. Sigmund’s enterprise, cloud-based platform, AURA, contains a robust features suite that spans a full business spectrum. As a result, AURA offers comprehensive and dynamic solutions for the operational success of any organization with the ability to complete all tasks in-house.

Explore AURA’s easy and automated data collection points. Generate insightful infographics and view patients more effectively over the span of the treatment episode.

Experience the ease of an automated workflow engine and save time, improve care coordination, productivity, compliance and enhance patient experience.

Efficiently collect and analyze data from multiple domains from within the platform allowing for a seamless revenue cycle management process.

  • Psychology
Practice Sizes
  • 1 - 100+ Physicians

Sigmund is an enterprise management software application for human service agencies. To meet your specific needs and preferences Sigmund offers two secure, reliable options: Client-Server and web based (ASP) Solution. Its features and performance reflect the experience gained employing a team of behavioral health practitioners in developing, producing, installing and supporting the system since its inception in 1988.

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(3 reviews)

Josh Huba

Great sales pitch but a complete mess once the roll out begins. So many undelivered promises. Add this software to mountain of other failing EHR systems.

Luis Sant

Matthew Prete

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