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SCC Soft Computer’s Laboratory Information Systems Suite (LIS), SoftLab, is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance clinical outcomes, improve workflow efficiencies, and provide a significant return on investment.


SoftLab offers a range of outstanding features

  • Comprehensive multisite integration/consolidation: SoftLab allows for full multi-site consolidation, making it an ideal solution for large healthcare facilities or networks.
  • Integrated outreach and call list management: This feature enhances productivity by managing calls effectively.
  • Rules-based system: SoftLab operates on a rules-based system, which helps in automating workflows and reducing manual intervention.
  • Embedded Master Patient Index: This feature ensures that patient data is accurately matched and linked across different systems.
  • Robotics ready: SoftLab is prepared to integrate with robotic systems, which can further enhance laboratory efficiency.
  • Parallel processing: This feature minimizes system slowdown, even during peak volumes.
  • Internet enabled: SoftLab is web-enabled, promoting enterprise-wide connectivity.


SoftLab is known for its advanced integration capabilities. It can directly interface with instruments, receive all data and images, and display them directly on-screen. It also supports enterprise-wide integration with other SCC products.


SoftLab is a versatile software that is easy to learn and reduces stress for lab staff. It provides real-time updates of patient data, making new critical patient data available instantly.


SCC Soft Computer provides technical assistance for SoftLab users. They also offer support and maintenance for the overall system and the modules and interfaces implemented.


While SoftLab does not publicly share its pricing information, it is rated as having an average cost compared to other Medical Laboratory (LIMS) systems. For new clients, SCC provides a perpetual license for desired individual modules and interfaces, with chargeable implementation and support.

For more information, unbiased and independent advice, or to request a free demo or pricing information, physicians can contact

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SoftLab’s multisite integration benefit a large healthcare network?

SoftLab’s comprehensive multisite integration allows for seamless consolidation of lab data and workflows across multiple sites within a large healthcare network. This feature ensures that patient data is uniformly accessible and up-to-date, regardless of the patient’s location within the network, thereby enhancing care continuity and operational efficiency.

Can SoftLab automate lab workflows, and how does this impact lab efficiency?

Yes, SoftLab operates on a rules-based system, which automates many aspects of laboratory workflows. This automation reduces the need for manual intervention, minimizes errors, and speeds up lab processes, leading to increased overall efficiency and reliability in lab operations.

What are the advantages of SoftLab being robotics ready?

The robotics-ready nature of SoftLab allows it to integrate with robotic systems, enhancing laboratory efficiency through automated specimen handling and processing. This integration not only speeds up laboratory workflows but also reduces the potential for human error, improving the accuracy and reliability of lab results.

How does the embedded Master Patient Index in SoftLab enhance patient data management?

The embedded Master Patient Index in SoftLab ensures accurate matching and linking of patient data across different systems. This feature is crucial for maintaining a unified and accurate patient record, particularly in complex multi-site healthcare settings, thereby enhancing patient safety and the quality of care.

As a new client, what should I expect in terms of cost and licensing for SoftLab?

While specific pricing details are not publicly available, SoftLab is considered to have an average cost compared to other Medical Laboratory (LIMS) systems. As a new client, you would be provided with a perpetual license for the individual modules and interfaces you choose. There are additional charges for implementation and ongoing support. For detailed pricing, it’s recommended to contact SCC Soft Computer directly or through platforms like for unbiased advice and information.

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