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MedicalRecords.com Rating
477 reviews
MedicalRecords.com Rating 4.7
477 reviews
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SpringCharts Essentials is the answer for practices that need a highly functional, easy-to-use charting solution – but don’t have the budget for an expensive Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. It offers all of the essentials of an EHR without the extras that many practices don’t need. ??In fact, it’s a completely new approach to electronic medical records. ?Based on SpringCharts EHR, Spring Medical’s full-featured Electronic Health Records solution, SpringCharts Essentials provides practices with comprehensive charting functionality in a modular configuration that is easily upgraded and reasonably priced.

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MedicalRecords.com Rating 4.7
(477 reviews)

Joyce Chapel

Dr. Hilliard is a great communicator. She was very thorough in her assessment of my medical history and expectations going forward. She even took the time to call me follow up to yesterday's appointment. I chose her because after viewing her profile I was convinced that she was knowledgeable and caring and she did not disappoint. Looking forward to her partnering with me in my health care.

Adriana Reyes

She was second opinion because a provider from us dermatology partners simply prescribed a steroid and said use this to see if it goes away and never tried to find a different diagnosis other than scabies. Dr. Tran addressed my concerns and explained in detail my sons condition and course of treatment. I’m so happy I followed my gut and got a second opinion. I recommend her to anyone, she’s amazing!

Sharon Jourdan

Dr. Bell displayed a very professional disposition. She was very thorough and attentive in my care while addressing my concerns, and in her delivery of what actions needed to be taken to address my concerns. She made sure I understood what and why she was making the decisions she made. I look forward to continuing my care under her guidance at this time.

Sharon Wilkins

She is very knowledgeable, professional but friendly, spends time asking questions and listening to the answers, explaining what needs to be done and why. I can understand what she says. I trust her. I honestly do not trust the foreign doctors KS has brought into the system.


Horrible experience getting canceled all the time. I had a decent experience most of the time. During my pregnancy I had 3 of my appointments canceled, which I hated as with my tight work schedule, I had requested those days off in advance. Today I come in, after the usual wait to verify my insurance ( the same they've had in the system for years) I was told I had to reschedule or go to another location to be seen sometime in the afternoon that they did not know yet, as the doctor was unavailable. Just like that!!! I left, then came right back and asked to speak with someone about this. After a long wait, and back and forth, The nurse supervisor put me with a family doctor (I had an appointment with a specialist, but at this time, I just wanted to be seen). Appt is at the same location, 10:45, an hour later, I am still waiting. This is ridiculous!!!!!

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