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TSI Healthcare User Reviews

6 reviews reviews

cynthia suggs

Best place to work

Erica Atkinson

I had the privilege to work for TSI. I cannot say enough good things about the people, culture and leadership.

Eva O'Malley

Friendly people

Beth Del Savio

While we had heard good things about this EMR facilitator from other medical offices, we have been disappointed in the results we have gotten. We have had several instances where the system went down either for minutes or hours and they can provide you little if any information about when it will be back up. Needless to say, this completely disrupts our business and makes it close to impossible to see patients. There are never any explanations as to why this occurs. With our recent EMR upgrade, they were less than helpful and in fact became quite annoyed with any questions we asked. I would do some further research about other options before you get stuck with this company.

Michael Simmons

Great company!

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