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UniCharts is a comprehensive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software solution designed to cater to the needs of consultants, general practitioners, and small clinics. It is an industry-compliant system, fully scalable to multi-specialty, multi-location situations.


UniCharts offers a range of features that enhance its usability and functionality:

  • Charting: Users can create, manage, and customize charts, messages, refills, and referral letters. The patient screen provides various details including demographics, encounters, and historical information.
  • Handwriting and Voice Recognition: The software includes handwriting recognition and voice recognition technologies, making data entry easier and more efficient.
  • Custom Reports: The software offers predefined or custom templates, allowing physicians with multiple specialties to create custom reports.
  • Compliance Tracking: UniCharts is Meaningful Use compliant and ONC-ATCB certified.
  • Practice Management: The software helps users manage administrative and clinical tasks and review their entire workflow from any point.
  • Patient Portal: UniCharts offers a patient portal, enhancing patient engagement and communication.
  • e-Prescribing: The software supports electronic prescription, improving the efficiency and accuracy of medication management.


UniCharts is known for its intuitive interface design and browser technology, which help practitioners and providers to learn the system quickly. It is user-friendly and requires minimal training, especially for those familiar with standard programs like MS Word and web browsers.


UniCharts incorporates client/server and browser technologies, offering an advanced EMR user interface. It can be accessed from a web browser or installed on Windows operating systems. The software allows users to import patient data from CSV or Excel format files and export patient data in PDF and XML format.


UniCharts offers extensive customization through the built-in customization control panel. It is designed to handle multiple providers each having unique chart layouts yet allow sharing of common data such as patient demographic and insurance information.


UniCharts is considered an affordable EMR solution. The pricing structure varies depending on the number of users, with options for a 4-user lifetime key starting at $850 for the standard version and $1350 for the certified version.

For more information, unbiased and independent MedicalRecords.com can provide a free demo or pricing information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does UniCharts streamline charting processes for different patients?

UniCharts allows users to create, manage, and customize patient charts, including messages, refills, and referral letters. It provides a patient screen with detailed information like demographics, past encounters, and historical data, making charting processes more efficient and organized.

Can UniCharts adapt to different specialties within my practice?

Yes, UniCharts offers custom report templates which can be tailored to suit various specialties. This flexibility allows physicians to create and use specialty-specific reports, making it suitable for practices with multiple specialties.

How does the software ensure compliance with healthcare regulations?

UniCharts is Meaningful Use compliant and ONC-ATCB certified, ensuring that it meets industry standards and regulations. This compliance tracking feature helps your practice adhere to necessary legal and ethical standards.

Is UniCharts easy to integrate into my existing practice, and how user-friendly is it?

UniCharts is known for its intuitive interface and browser technology, making it easy to learn and use, especially for those familiar with standard programs like MS Word and web browsers. It supports client/server and browser technologies and can import/export patient data, facilitating easy integration into existing practices.

What kind of support and customization options does UniCharts offer?

The software offers extensive customization options through a built-in control panel. It can handle multiple providers with unique chart layouts while sharing common data like patient demographics and insurance information. Additionally, UniCharts provides good customer support to assist with any issues or customization needs.

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