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Universal EHR Solutions Electronic Medical Records system, Physicians Solution, is a patient information management system that provides medical offices with a sophisticated yet easy to use method for entering and storing patients health information electronically. Physicians Solution manages this information through every step of treatment, from scheduling initial appointments to noting treatment procedures, while also handling message review and labs, prescriptions and refills, claims, collections and reports. And with Physicians Solution, patient charts, notes, labs and images can be accessed, edited, updated or input from the comfort of the physicians home or anywhere else through any browser-based computer, including a wireless laptop, tablet PC, PDA or smartphone (including any Blackberry, iPhone or Droid).

To ease the transition from manual workflows, Physicians Solution allows for many forms of data input, including handwriting recognition, typing, voice recognition, pull-down choices and writing in an electronic chart as if writing on paper digital ink. The system offers several methods (such as scanning) for converting old paper charts into electronic ones.

Physicians Solution is fully interoperable with other software and hardware systems, readily communicating with practice management (billing) programs bi-directionally in either XML or HL7 formats. This means that Physicians Solution can acquire both demographic information and post-charge capture information. In addition, Physicians Solution can interface with diagnostic devices such as EKG machines, allowing printed graphs to be automatically acquired and filed in the patients chart.

Physicians Solution includes access to Doctor Direct, which allows doctors to handle patient communication through the Physicians Solution system where all correspondence is automatically documented. Doctor Direct reduces non-essential telephone calls to and from the office by allowing test results and physician comments to be sent directly to a secure patient vault. The system also includes access to Patient Direct, an advanced HIPAA-compliant doctor/patient communication system providing each patient with their own personal and secure healthcare information vault which houses their medical history, advance directives, test results and imaging studies. In emergencies, Patient Direct allows authorized healthcare providers 24/7 access to a patients medical records, and notifies patient-authorized contacts (including the physician) that an emergency has occurred from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

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