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Uniwide User Reviews

70 reviews reviews

Alan Sanchez

Stay away!!!! Very bad deal guy named tamer just worried about trying to get your money overpriced parts make sure you check your receipt before you leave the store because they will tell you what you wanna hear and then they will deny to your face that they made a deal with you thank God I didnt purchase the parts I needed for my other 2 vehicles here I will take my bussinees somewhere else

Daniel Damschen

Rather unfortunate experience for me. Arrived and found the part I needed in a vehicle. Waited in the waiting room for a bit until they could get someone to uninstall the part from the vehicle. In the waiting room, there were two boys carelessly waiving their new red-rider BB guns around the room, while the adults talking to them and the management did nothing to tell them to respect their weapons and not aim them at people. These boys aimed their guns at me at least 10 times while I waited (not on purpose, just being careless, spinning the guns around and looking down the sight). After a short bit, they said they were ready to uninstall the part from the vehicle. I quickly explained to the gentleman that the part is fragile, and needed to be taken out a certain wait in order to not break it. The man proceeded to pry up the part with a screwdriver and promptly broke it. I unfortunately ended up leaving without the part I came for.

Tyler Conner

Great service from Willy! If you need help ask for him, he’ll take care of you!

dominic johnson

when you go buy any parts ask for willy he gives the best quality parts and prices !

Javier Gonzalez II

Willy is an amazing guy. Great service great price's.

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