Validus Medical Systems

What is Validus Medical Systems?

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  • 1 - 100+ Physicians



  • Multi-Specialty

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About Validus Medical Systems

Validus inTouch is the most advanced mobile clinical information solution available to hospitals today. Designed by doctors, for doctors, Validus inTouch brings patient information and order entry to the physician wherever they are. Integrating directly with a hospital’s existing admission, patient records, pharmacy, and lab systems, Validus inTouch brings the physician a complete order entry and patient information system to their desktop, laptop, tablet PC, or mobile phone. By empowering and assisting the physician with the latest tools for order entry and information management, Validus inTouch helps to improve the overall level of care. Repetitive and time-wasting parts of patient care are minimized and automated, freeing the physician to focus on what’s important: caring for patients.

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