VEPRO Information System

What is VEPRO Information System?

VEPRO Information System (VIS) is a cloud-based workflow management solution designed for medical practices of all sizes.

The solution features documentation of processes, which helps practices manage their clinic-wide quality management needs. It also allows users across the practices or hospitals to access patient reports in the real time. Users can also manage physician approval workflow for the reports.

VEPRO Information System enables users to capture, process and record X-ray test results and enables users to access these files based on role-based permissions. The solution also allows users to store and share documents related to verification of chargeable services.

The product integrates with the VEPRO picture and archiving services solution, which allows users to record findings with images. The functionalities of the product also include role-based data access by guiding the users through the process. The product is compliant with Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) and Health Level 7 (HL7) standards.

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About VEPRO Information System

helps you design and optimise your individual processes. Real-time transparency throughout the entire clinic, as well as highly efficient processing across all departments and regions, let you transform your old operational procedures into time-saving processes


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