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VipaHealth Solutions LLC’s SmartEMR is a web-based electronic medical records (EMR) solution designed to streamline physicians’ workflows. It allows for quick and easy recording of patient encounters and test interpretations, ensuring smooth and natural interaction.


SmartEMR offers several key features:

  • CMS Compliance: The system creates reports that are compliant with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines for coding and reimbursements.
  • Medical Billing: SmartEMR also functions as a medical billing software, facilitating reimbursement through its CMS-compliant Superbill generation module.
  • Efficiency: Electronically submitted claims are processed with higher priority, ensuring faster turnaround time for reimbursement.
  • Productivity: The system is designed to improve office productivity and streamline the billing process.


SmartEMR is tailored to the physician’s workflow, ensuring a smooth, natural interaction while creating reports. However, it’s important to note that usability can vary among different EMR systems, and some physicians and nurses have reported difficulties in finding required information on-screen due to poor interface design.


While specific integration capabilities of SmartEMR are not detailed publicly, it’s worth noting that most modern EMR systems, like Dragon Medical One, are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems. Therefore, it’s likely that SmartEMR also offers similar integration capabilities.


The level of support provided by VipaHealth Solutions LLC is not explicitly mentioned publicly. However, it’s common for EMR vendors to provide training and ongoing support to their users.


The cost of SmartEMR is not specified publicly. However, the cost of EMR software generally varies greatly depending on a variety of factors, including the vendor, the features and functionality offered, the number of users, and the size of the healthcare business.

For more detailed information, including a free demo or pricing information, physicians can contact, an unbiased and independent source of information on EMR systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SmartEMR ensure compliance with CMS guidelines?

SmartEMR is designed to be compliant with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines. It generates reports and documentation that adhere to these standards, particularly for coding and reimbursements, to facilitate compliance.

Can SmartEMR handle medical billing processes?

Yes, SmartEMR functions as both an EMR and a medical billing software. It includes a Superbill generation module that is compliant with CMS, aiding in the facilitation and efficiency of the reimbursement process.

Is there any efficiency advantage in using SmartEMR for claim submissions?

SmartEMR allows for electronic submission of claims, which are typically processed with higher priority than manual submissions. This leads to a faster turnaround time for reimbursements, enhancing overall efficiency.

What are the integration capabilities of SmartEMR with other systems?

While the specific details of SmartEMR’s integration capabilities are not publicly detailed, it’s common for modern EMR systems to integrate seamlessly with various existing healthcare systems. It’s likely that SmartEMR offers similar integration features.

What level of support does VipaHealth Solutions LLC provide for SmartEMR users?

The exact details of the support provided by VipaHealth Solutions LLC for SmartEMR are not publicly disclosed. However, it is typical for EMR vendors to offer training and ongoing support to ensure that their users can effectively utilize their systems.

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