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Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital had an all-too-common problem: patient data was scattered among multiple clinical information systems, each of which had to be accessed independently. Communication was challenging as well, with paper notes, pagers, email, nurse call, and wireless all being used to share patient information between care team members.

VitalHub was developed to solve these problems. It collects data from multiple clinical information systems and presents it in a single, integrated view of the patient. Information can be accessed quickly and shared easily and securely on a mobile device or web browser.

This innovation in patient information management was developed with input from clinicians, administrators and IT experts at Mount Sinai Hospital. VitalHub now brings this capability to all hospitals, enabling you to leverage your existing clinical systems and infrastructures, and eliminating the need for costly new software deployments and training.


VitalHub Chart gives users a single unified, intuitive interface into multiple clinical systems. VitalHub was designed by and for clinicians to deliver concise, relevant patient information at-a-glance. VitalHub’s mobile solution provides clinicians with an integrated view of the patient by rapidly accessing and aggregating data from multiple disparate systems, saving clinicians’ time and reducing the risk of errors.


The VitalHub Server accesses multiple electronic medical record systems, aggregates and organizes the data they contain and presents the relevant patient information to the clinician in an integrated, user-friendly interface. The VitalHub Server does all the heavy lifting, so clinicians can focus on patient care and not on the complexities of navigating complex clinical information systems.

HIPAA Compliant

VitalHub protects patient information at all times. The VitalHub Server uses multi-factor authentication to restrict system access to authorized users and devices only. No patient data is stored on individual devices or on the VitalHub Server.


VitalHub Chart seamlessly integrates with clinicians’ workflows, unlike the underlying EMRs which require clinicians to change the way they work in order to use them. Our customizable Dashboard allows individual clinicians to select and display the patient information that is most relevant to their specialty and day-to-day workflow. Clinicians can easily add, delete and rearrange Dashlets to support their unique workflows.

Smart Server

VitalHub Chart works in conjunction with the VitalHub Server, which provides access to whatever clinical information systems exist at a given site. Using a client-server model provides a number of advantages including protecting patient privacy and ensuring security of patient data, and supporting extensive custom configuration. Each time a clinician uses VitalHub Chart, their unique configurations, settings and logic are retrieved from the server. This allows institutions to provide updates, new Dashlets and role-based options without requiring any effort from end users.


Virtually every aspect of VitalHub Chart can be customized to suit your institution’s needs. New Dashlets can be created in minutes; patient lists can be configured to show whatever information clinicians feel is most relevant and even the sections of the full chart can be modified. VitalHub Chart is designed to meet your needs and support your workflow, whatever they may be.

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