Connecting providers with important insight about patient health within a practice and across a community of care.

CGM webEHR™ is a Meaningful Use-certified, web-based electronic health record solution that combines powerful features and capabilities with ultimate ease-of-use. In fact, whether your practice has extensive experience using EHRs or your staff members are completely new to this process, you can immediately experience the advantages of this solution with very little training or implementation time. Thanks to CGM webEHR ’s flexibility, you can securely access patient data from any location at any time. You also have the ability to connect on a community basis with other providers who use this solution, while choosing to securely and selectively share patient data according to your needs and preferences. As a result, you can increase collaboration with other physician practices while improving coordination of care for your patients. This innovative solution also includes templates that can be customized to your practice’s unique needs. This allows you to consistently enter exam and historical patient data for every visit—eliminating “missing” data that can impact reimbursement and quality of care

Compa­ny: CompuGroup Medical
Platforms: Web
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Active: Yes
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Why CGM webEHR?

Advanced Data Security

Syncronizing healthcare

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