The right EHR adapts to your practice, not the other way around. That flexibility frees you to pursue your specialty practice goals – such as seeing more patients, improving outcomes, or more efficiently capturing reimbursements. By capturing data while accommodating your existing workflow, our EHR reduces redundancies and automates processes to improve operational efficiency. A national network of thousands of renowned specialty groups already trust their practice to the SRS EHR solution

Compa­ny: SRS Health Intelligent Data Solutions
Special­ties: General Practice, General Practices
Platforms: Windows
Practice Target Size: Medium(11-50 doctors)
Active: Yes
Certification: SureScripts
Basic Info: Complete
Dictation Method: Manual
Availability of Tech Support:
Training in Office:
Training Web Based:
Training Costs: NA
Recommended Internet Connection Speed:


Advanced Data Security

At SRS, innovation is coded into our DNA. First, we devised the best digital document-management system in the industry. Then we evolved it into the first EHR that didn’t require specialists to kneel to the template. Now, as healthcare has begun moving towards a value-based reimbursement system, we’ve innovated solutions to capture data in a way that is more intelligent, more flexible, and more responsive to the needs of the specialty practices than any other HCIT suite on the market. How can we be so confident that our solutions will be the leading choice of specialists now and into the future? Just look to our past.
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